SEO Strategies for Your Brampton Dental Practice

Keywords are the queries (e.g. “lawyers” or “personal injury”) users type into the search bar when searching for information on the Internet . They play a crucial role when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine ranking. Besides effectively connecting and establishing the relationship between you and your target audience, they also get you indexed by major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Make sure that your website is properly optimized and includes the keywords related to the services you offer. Doing so gives your page a better chance of being displayed on the first page of the search engine results.

Long-Tail Keywords for Lawyers

SEO for Lawyers: Why Long-Tail Keywords are Essential

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases and more specific compared to single-word keywords. They often consist of at least three words or follow a natural language. For example, Whitby car accident victims can search for a personal injury lawyer in Whitby or “personal injury lawyer in Whitby specializing in car accidents” for legal help in acquiring compensation.

Long-tail keywords narrow the list of websites to the most relevant, helping deliver more targeted traffic to your website and boosting conversion rates. Longer and more specific keywords also mean less competition, making you rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP) for that specific keyword.

Taking advantage of long-tail keywords for your legal website offers the following benefits:

● Conversion

SEO for Lawyers: Why Long-Tail Keywords are Essential

The keyword “lawyer” is a generic term and is not (by itself) used by a potential client who wants to hire the services of a lawyer. It is often used by those looking for general information alone. Those who search for specific long-tail keywords are looking for a particular type of service they need or want. Having invested a great deal of effort and thought into their search, they are (in all likelihood) ready to contact you and seek your legal services.

● Short-Tail Ranking

SEO for Lawyers: Why Long-Tail Keywords are Essential

Many law firm websites are competing for the much-coveted #1 “lawyer” position. However, you need the right long-tail keywords to start ranking and understand the effectiveness of your SEO and Internet marketing campaign. Based on the initial results of using long-tail keywords, you can assess your work and determine what still needs to be done to achieve high ranking for shorter keywords.

● Less Competition Equals Lower Cost

SEO for Lawyers: Why Long-Tail Keywords are Essential

Long-tail keywords are important for lawyer websites who are looking to rank their content organically in the search results page. The longer and more specific the keyword, the fewer sites there are to compete with. As a result, you have more opportunities to rank long-tail keywords compared to single-word keywords. Instead of trying to rank the keyword “lawyer” in search engines, why not optimize your web page by focusing on your services and your geo-target?

● Better Targeted Traffic

SEO for Lawyers: Why Long-Tail Keywords are Essential

Using long-tail keywords allows you to be emphasize the services you offer and helps your target market to find you easier on the search result pages. Most searchers may find it a waste of time to visit a website that does not offer the information or services they need. People who use specific long-tail keywords arrive on your website because they know you offer what they are looking for. Also, they are more likely to contact you, fill out your contact form, and hire your firm for your legal services.